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  • Customers like
    • Monthly magazine 12
    • Idea of cooking and recipes 8
    • Magazine 7
  • Customers don't like
    • Disappointed with lack of communication 7
    • Membership it did nothing 7
    • Not receiving magazine 7
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I joined as a "Life Member" and received a set of cook ware and a few (maybe 6) magazines and have heard nothing from them. In over 10 years I have received nothing. I guess it's my fault for falling for the scam, but shame on them! I entered into the agreement with the idea that a life membership would last my life. Well, I'm still here and having no luck trying new products, which was a big... Read more

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Have been trying to get an answer on your constantly busy phone ( which is probably a fake). How is this company allowed to sell lifetime memberships and then provide nothing in return or properly inform consumers of changes? This needs to be addressed by the Better Business bureau in Minnesota or nationally in some way. We are being taken advantage of!!! Add comment

I want cooking club to contact me. I have a lifetime membership and have not been receiving the magazine for a lnog 5ime. Add comment

The organization sends items like jewelry and calendars and demands payment or return. I requested that nothing be sent to me without a request, and they sent another item. I did nothing and now my credit report reflects that I have an outstanding debt. I sent enough money to cover item and calendar, and credit report does not reflect the payment. Now I cannot find a working phone number to ask... Read more

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Well bad on my part to trust this company. I too joined as a life member, paid all the money, bought ceramic cookware, calendars etc... Now there is nothing. No magazine, no emails, nothing! Better business bureau here I come. Need 80 words well here ya go...don't join this club, don't pay a dime to them, all the other pissed off people call the BBB they can get some action. Don't join this club,... Read more

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I signed on and paid my dues for a life membership. Well, I GUESS I MUST BE DEAD!!! It has occurred to me that I have not received a magazine since I stopped buying their cookware. So much for wasted money. When I signed on I was thrilled. Cooking Club had good product and an excellent magazine. I am really busy in my own home, helping others and crocheting for friends, angels for people... Read more

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I have been a life member since 2004. I haven't heard from them for a year now. Where is my life membership items Add comment

I've been a life member since around 2004. I received my life member gift, But I have not received a magazine in at least three years. Did they fold? Add comment

I have never got one test product,to try. I have spent alot of money to join this club. I was looking forward to trying new things. and nothing, Also at least I was getting my magazines,and now that has stopped. Unbelievable!I would hope this is not a scam like so many others. I would like if you could fix this problem as soon as possible. Now I have to write a 80 word... Read more

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I have been a life member of CC of A since 1999, having paid $300 for to become one. Now I have not got the magazine for at least 2 years, and I haven't tested a product in longer than that. My name is Charles W. Durham, address 2318 London Avenue, Mufreesboro, TN 37129. My membership number is 20006255. Please get in touch with me or start sending my magazine regularly again or send me my... Read more

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