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What the *** happened to lifetime membership to cooking club of America??? Paid hundreds to join to get magazine and occasional promos for them selling stuff. There were no trying new products like promised. I got nothing from them and now not even the magazine. Where's the refund for the scam. Fifteen yes and all I ever got was the magazine!!! Thanks for everything!! Add comment

I became a lifetime member in January 2006. Within 2-3 years of paying for my membership I stopped receiving communications from them. Numerous emails and facebook messages did nothing to solve the issues I had but they blocked me from sending any more messages and blocked my account so I can no longer log into the site. So much for a lifetime membership! Another aspect was that everyone was supposed to receive an item to try free of charge.... Read more

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I purchased a lifetime membership and I have not heard from them in over a year. Funny but I have not completed my lifetime yet and they shut me off??? Was supposed to get products to test, that is not happening. They said this is what I would be entitled to with the membership but it happened for about a year and then it is gone. Tired of companies scamming you to buy into their "promises" and then after they have your monies they are gone. How... Read more

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I am a lifetime member, my membership is paid in full however, I have never received my set of pots and pans. I received an email over a year ago stating that they were on back order. I have emailed costomer service several times and they have not responded. Also, I haven't received any cooking magazines since 2014. Add comment

I am a life member of Cooking Club of America. I loved the magazine and testing products. I have not received a magazine for a long time nor testing offers. Do you still publish the magazine and testing offers? Kindly respond to my inquiry . I am so sorry and disappointed that I no longer receive the magazine. I use to enjoy all the recipes . The testing products were very nice. Reading reviews of other testing members was very exciting and... Read more

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want to know why I have not received anything with my lifetime membership probably don't have new contacts please contact me at and let me know how to get back on mailing list or newsletter. tell me what i have to do. Have moved but have not received anything products to try or books or magazine nothing. So what has happened. I would like to get started again and start receiving information again and get involved again.I... Read more

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Doris Richardson, member since 2004, now Doris Garrett. Have lost touch would like to resum activety with phone# is 267-449-4657 Add comment

I,ve been a lifetime member for many years but haven't recieved a magazine in 2. I'd like to know why? I should sue you for false advertizing. I did call you about this & you had promised to send it. I tried this several times & finally gave up get back to me on this please. Add comment

I have contacted CCA several times about not receiving the magazine from them... I have contacted them several times about not receiving the magazine but have not gotten any response from them to resolve the problem. Everything went fine while I was paying my "lifetime Membership" payments and even shortly after. I received the pan set and even got a few kitchen utensils to try and write a review on. Unfortunately I started receiving cook... Read more

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i have not received any products to test, i turned them in to the BBB and they responded back to them that they apologized for "the error" and not sure how it happened and would start sending me products to review....this was about 1.5 years ago....STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE PRODUCT!!!!! have written to them about 3 times and have not heard one thing from them....this is a SCAM company all they want to do is get your money did not take 100... Read more

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