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Just got this packet in the mail, complete with a magnet and a crappy bowl scraper.As a chef myself, I was sort of intrigued.

Getting this happened to coincide with subscribing to a very reputable magazine based out of Vermont, "Cooks Illustrated". Upon further research, over fifty of the initial hits I got on Google yielded very VERY negative results. Seems to be that the membership results in them sending you books with fake invoices asking you to pay them money, and the products they send you to "test" are flimsy, poorly built items that even an OC housewife could discredit. Hope this helps!

I sent it all back to them ripped up in their pre-paid envelope.

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I've been a member for over a decade and have yet to receive anything in the mail except the magazine, free gifts and products to try. It IS a hassle to sign up for products but I joined for the magazine, lots of good recipes and tips.


I joined the club, paid my dues and slao became a life member. now I can't even sign in to enter the "free Gift" contest. what a freaking rip off

Ozark, Alabama, United States #701403

its all about the cooking and recipes you not sure you win some thing big from this company i like it my self if you like to cook and learn to cook new things and enjoy the things about new recipes and new cooking tools their a lot of things i did not know was out their a man is not going to look at things like a woman does most people who join this cooking club want some things free for nothing you can not win all the time its all about learning new things and whats new to eat i get tried eating the same thing day in and day out its give me good i deals on food and ways to cooking it out doors or in doors their all ways some thing to learn thanks for your time :upset

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #664111

I joined the club because I thought it would be fun to try new cooking/kitchen products.I paid the 24 dollars then they wanted me to agree to allow them to bill my credit card $27.00 for 12 months calling it a LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP..ha!

I realized at that point that is very important to read every line in their materials. needless to say I threw it away. I later decided that I wanted to test products..ok..they sent me a frying ok a ceramic frying pan for $58.00 I bought it paid for it..actually I thought if this is so expensive the rest of the set must be lower in price. Then they sent me a Sauce pan..for $74.00 I said no way!

I sent it back right away. Note: I Had To Pay $10.00 to return it. I thought for sure they would reimburse me for the $10.00. They just about laughed at me...said I could have called and asked for a return label no bad..ha ha.

(my words to bad ha ha) I requested that they cancel all future shipments and to cancell my membership. then they wanted to know what part of the membership did I want cancelled? Long story careful to read carefully every thing you receive..or you might be shockingly surprised and not in a good way.

Peace Out....:)


i joined the club way back in 2000 i paid all the dues to become a lifetime member,i thought they went out of business this is 2012 they have never sent me anything,now they say i need to pay,349.00 and they want to take the payments out automatically on my card,each mo thanks for all the warning i will cancel my membership.


i can't even find where u claim your free gifts every thing else keeps poping up that i don't want i don't care bout car insurce because i ws alredy told i have the best one for me and i don't care bout how to lose wait mine is fine. i don't care bout acutions i know where plenty is. all i wnt is what cooks need not i phones or computers.


I signed up for this and got the $24.00 bill,(it was supposed to be less $$ than that) Thought I would pay it online and saw where it set you up for auto pay and got concerened about them having my credit card number.Started looking around for some reviews on the company before giving them my card number.

I will not be sending them any money.Thanks everyone for sharing your experience.


thanks for your comments.I received my welcome packet with invoice for dues.

I haven't sent payment yet and won't be thanks to your warnings. I went online to request my free gifts but could not find anyplace to reserve them,the free multi-purpose grater and $100 grocery coupon card. I can't believe in this economy that companies would purposefully rip people off.

Aren't we suffering enough without being hoodwinked or bamboozled by corporate America!!!Again much appreciation to your warnings!!!!!


$25?My membership was $10,lol.

The book sent was 11.99. I will say this, I'm not that far into it, and so far all of what you're saying is making sense. I never got the grater they promised, and the knife was supposed to be my second free gift. The knife came as a free gift with the first book.


..they never said anything about previewing a book.


Glad I seen this review. I will be spending my $24 elsewhere.

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